The best Oil for your VTX (or for any bike, car, truck, plane, lawnmower, snowmobile, chainsaw, ATV or any gas or diesel engine)


These are the part numbers for your VTX when ordering AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. (phone number below) 


NEW***I will pay $15.00 of you dealer fee. Simply download my dealer application HERE. Fill out Part B and Option #2 and be sure to sign it in ink. E-mail me when you mail it.. Mail it to Amsoil Building, Superior, WI 54660


MCFQT-CA    Case 10W-40 SYNTHETIC MOTORCYCLE OIL (12 qts-3 changes)

EAOM-103     Oil Filter (order 3)  

New Nano-Fiber filter. Same Technology as the filters used in the Abrams M1 tank.

SVGQT-EA    1 QT 75W-90 Severe Gear Oil (enough for 7 changes) 

If you need Fork Oil, order STM-QT

 Amsoil recommends changing your oil at twice the manufactures interval (16,000 miles on the VTX) or every year whichever comes first.

 You can call Amsoil toll free at 1-800-956-5695 during regular business hours 7 AM to 5 PM CST. Be sure to give them my dealer # 1180361 and name Patrick Ponsonby (NC Brew) As your referral dealer. This is the only way I get credit for your order.  

OR You can go to my website

 and click on "Amsoil online store" and order there. I will get credit if you go through my website.

And I thank you for ordering. 

If you want to buy Amsoil products at wholesale cost (20-25% off) you can become a dealer for $30 per year or $15 for 6 months. I will also give you a free website just like mine with your name if you use my dealer application. 

Click here for a Dealer Application.   

When filling out the dealer application please use and sign in ink. Do not send a copy. Do not fax, it must be mailed to;

Amsoil Building, Superior, WI 54880

Fill out your full name. If you have any questions please E-mail me at 


If you become a dealer you will save about $20.00 per order. Order twice a year and save money on the finest oil for your bike.